I Need…

Space. We all fail to realize that this is a necessity. Room to breathe, and giving others the opportunity to do the same. Space from work, our spouses, our friends, even our children, and so forth. We are becoming too occupied and forgetting that our physical and mental state of mind needs some R&R from time-to-time. We are getting use to doing so much that we don’t even notice when our mind and bodies are in distress. I can say this because I am this person. Feeling guilty because I was a person who just needed a timeout. Always wondering what I need to do the next day, helping others carry out their goals while putting mine on hold, etc. Then, I woke up one day and my identity was gone. I couldn’t recognize myself anymore because I was surrounded by a to-do list. After that, it happened. I went into overload and I became stressed. I crashed when everyone arround me was content and I wasn’t able to take care of myself. I had trouble thinking, eating, and functioning for the people who needed me the most. I became physically ill, then, everybody suffered especially me. I’ve heard of things happening like this before and I never believed it could happened to me. I guess I had to experience it. So, now I can let everyone know who wants to listen. Your body can completely shut down when you don’t take a minute to let yourself relax. Women especially have this problem. We tend to have a gnat of staying in control of everyone’s lives except our own. So, I just wanted to express that we all need space. It is not only desired, its required.


Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Background

Thanksgiving Background (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just wanted to wish all a Happy Thanksgiving especially the ones that are not with loved ones as I am. Its the worst day of the year to feel homesick but I’m very thankful.

Preschool Politics

I am a rookie and could be way off base or not know what I’m talking about altogether. My daughter started preschool this year and she just happens to be in a special education classroom because she has PDD-NOS (Autism) and a hearing impairment and I was completely clueless about what was the difference between that particular setting as opposed to a typical classroom. My question is… What happened to copies of birth certificates, shot records and signatures attached to your current address? I get being advocates for your children but when did things get so meticulous with the slightest room for error. I feel like I should have went back to school before she started school because I had to do research, go through a million resources, and learn as many federal laws as I could. And I’m still learning. I think that it is absolutely awesome that the school system is getting the parents to get more involved in our children’s education, but one ugly turn can become a battlefield. Teachers vs. Parents and vice versa. Of course things are a little more complex now since I started school (which were many moons ago). Yes things are completely different when it comes to PTA meetings and parent/teacher conferences but should they turn into debates with our children being caught in the crossfire. I have never had bad experiences with my daughter’s school, in fact, I feel as though she has excellent teachers and she goes to a great school but I have heard, and read about horrible situations between parents and school districts that do not end very well half of the time. But after all the domestics of reading and filling out the necessary paperwork, familiarizing yourself with the new schedules, and so on. I found out that the advocating is worth it in the end. Besides, I have twin boys at home so I should be a pro by the time they start school

Venus vs. Mars

Men and women??? So different but yet one can’t live without the other. When did we allow things to get so complicated? Always in war with each other with nothing to say. Why is it there is no communication until there is a disagreement that automatically turns into an argument. Going days without speaking to each other about the important things that need to be said. What happened to trying to figure out the problem instead of adding to the conflict. How is it we can coincide in the same space that feels like a warfield. A continuous battle of tug-of-war. Just because we’re quiet to one another doesn’t mean that our relationship is silent, still, or has any comfort. Why is communication so limited when we have so much to say to each other? You have a habit of not saying anything at all and I have a habit of holding things in and I’m pretty sure that we are not the only ones, so, let’s try to be different. Encouraging others to do the same and not fall into such a vicious cycle. Taking it one day at a time, one step at a time. Building each other up instead fo tearing each other down. So, lets stop with the competition and become us against the World.

Easy Button

Everyone on this Earth has problems. We deal with a lot of issues as adults on a daily basis and its easy to get lost in your work, your children, making sure everything is running accordingly at home, etc. Sometimes we need the help to get the shopping done, or getting the kids up for school because I do. What I’
m trying to say is just like its easier to allow things to get out of control, its also easier to find balance and make sure our daily schedules run smoothly. Easy is good but who wants something that they don’t have to work hard at doing or work hard at perfecting. I feel like thats so much more rewarding and of course that is my opinion but I’m pretty sure that I am not the only person that believes that. Yes, we all need the easy road every once in awhile but unfortunately its hard to not be in the same space as other people that feel like everything should be handed to them and in some situations maybe so. But is that the message we want to send our children and the people in our community. I’m not a hypocrite because easy buttons are needed but we should stop and think is the easy road the way all of the time. Moderation is always good. So I’m going to spread it out.

One of those days

Today is just one of those days. Wishing I could just get away. Away from the crying, hearing my name, and from these white prison walls. Where is my day of just rest and relaxation. Peace, yes that’s definitely what I need at this very moment. A clear state of mind. No worrying about the future and definitely not worry about things that I have zero control over. Funny how when your young and you feel like you have your own future in your hands, it ends up in the hands of others. No worries, yes that’s exactly what I need. Quiet, stillness, complete consciousness is what I lack. How could I let things get so out of control, how could I let it come to this? I wake up in the morning remembering nightmares with no memories of happy days before. What day did I fool myself into thinking that being content was enough for me? What am I to do? I guess nothing but today will be one of those days of wanting, wishing, and waiting.