I get it now

I remember when I was single and working. I use to  watch random women, mothers shopping, having lunch, etc. everyday wondering why aren’t they at home caring for their families. I didn’t get it then but I get it now. I had no idea about the hustle and bustle of that lifetime and little did I know I was in for a huge awakening. When I was growing up my mother worked when it suited her but she also did the normal thing that went along with the wife and kids lifestyle. Her social life was normal to her but she did the grocery store and church scene the most. But of course I was little and I thought things looked rather easy for her but I get it now. I had no idea that being a parent was so complex and technical. Everything taught to you in a lifetime you have to use those skills in parenting. Being a mother also has its high points as well but you do have moments when it’s really bad, its bad. Women, we do deserve that extra shopping spree, spa day and drink when it’s needed that we don’t necessarily have the time for. There’s school, cooking, cleaning, shopping and I can go all day. I use to look down upon women who made the time to take care of themselves when they have children but I get it now and its a must. This is a true statement: Motherhood is equals 2 full-time jobs plus overtime with no off days with little to no sleep. I feel awful that I judged any mother because in the end we are all women that should support one another and for that I am so sorry. What it boils down to is a husband and 3 kids later. I GET IT…


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