Trying to find my purpose

Hi world. Today I’m beginning a new journey with trying to find myself while hopefully helpng others in the process. In my future blogs I plan on writing about my life as a wife and mother and things that cross my path along the way. Hopefully all of it will be positive but nothing is perfect so I will try to keep it PG-13. As every woman should know, we are faced with so many challenges and no one that walks among the Earth can do what we do and I can only speak for women because I am one and I hope to touch everyone that I come in contact with in a way thats inspiring to that person at that imparticular time. At this time in my life I just think I should begin to try to help as much as I can and receive any love that anyone has to offer. So this is to the future my friends. Salute…


One comment on “Trying to find my purpose

  1. kidmobile3 says:

    I am experiencing the same thing and started my blog for the same reason I think that you did. I think there are a lot of women in similar situations.

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