Venus vs. Mars

Men and women??? So different but yet one can’t live without the other. When did we allow things to get so complicated? Always in war with each other with nothing to say. Why is it there is no communication until there is a disagreement that automatically turns into an argument. Going days without speaking to each other about the important things that need to be said. What happened to trying to figure out the problem instead of adding to the conflict. How is it we can coincide in the same space that feels like a warfield. A continuous battle of tug-of-war. Just because we’re quiet to one another doesn’t mean that our relationship is silent, still, or has any comfort. Why is communication so limited when we have so much to say to each other? You have a habit of not saying anything at all and I have a habit of holding things in and I’m pretty sure that we are not the only ones, so, let’s try to be different. Encouraging others to do the same and not fall into such a vicious cycle. Taking it one day at a time, one step at a time. Building each other up instead fo tearing each other down. So, lets stop with the competition and become us against the World.


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