Preschool Politics

I am a rookie and could be way off base or not know what I’m talking about altogether. My daughter started preschool this year and she just happens to be in a special education classroom because she has PDD-NOS (Autism) and a hearing impairment and I was completely clueless about what was the difference between that particular setting as opposed to a typical classroom. My question is… What happened to copies of birth certificates, shot records and signatures attached to your current address? I get being advocates for your children but when did things get so meticulous with the slightest room for error. I feel like I should have went back to school before she started school because I had to do research, go through a million resources, and learn as many federal laws as I could. And I’m still learning. I think that it is absolutely awesome that the school system is getting the parents to get more involved in our children’s education, but one ugly turn can become a battlefield. Teachers vs. Parents and vice versa. Of course things are a little more complex now since I started school (which were many moons ago). Yes things are completely different when it comes to PTA meetings and parent/teacher conferences but should they turn into debates with our children being caught in the crossfire. I have never had bad experiences with my daughter’s school, in fact, I feel as though she has excellent teachers and she goes to a great school but I have heard, and read about horrible situations between parents and school districts that do not end very well half of the time. But after all the domestics of reading and¬†filling out the necessary paperwork, familiarizing yourself with the new schedules, and so on. I found out that the advocating is worth it in the end. Besides, I have twin boys at home so I should be a pro by the time they start school


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