I Need…

Space. We all fail to realize that this is a necessity. Room to breathe, and giving others the opportunity to do the same. Space from work, our spouses, our friends, even our children, and so forth. We are becoming too occupied and forgetting that our physical and mental state of mind needs some R&R from time-to-time. We are getting use to doing so much that we don’t even notice when our mind and bodies are in distress. I can say this because I am this person. Feeling guilty because I was a person who just needed a timeout. Always wondering what I need to do the next day, helping others carry out their goals while putting mine on hold, etc. Then, I woke up one day and my identity was gone. I couldn’t recognize myself anymore because I was surrounded by a to-do list. After that, it happened. I went into overload and I became stressed. I crashed when everyone arround me was content and I wasn’t able to take care of myself. I had trouble thinking, eating, and functioning for the people who needed me the most. I became physically ill, then, everybody suffered especially me. I’ve heard of things happening like this before and I never believed it could happened to me. I guess I had to experience it. So, now I can let everyone know who wants to listen. Your body can completely shut down when you don’t take a minute to let yourself relax. Women especially have this problem. We tend to have a gnat of staying in control of everyone’s lives except our own. So, I just wanted to express that we all need space. It is not only desired, its required.


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