Mom Jobs

Couldn’t have said it any better.

Signature Moms

By: Kathy Trainor

Mom jobs are when you have jobs that only a mother can think of doing. You know those things they only do. The gross, down and dirty jobs. We both get over worked, no pay and then on top of that no sleep. But sometimes there are things that just moms do. I know many amazing dads out there but moms take the cake with the gross jobs. Below is a list of ONLY MOM things mom do as a job. Have you ever done them? Did you spy dad doing them?u5536_602x312.jpg

1. Mom jobs are when you use your hand to wipe boogers. The run it on your clothing or car seat. Snot bubbles are no match for moms.

2. Mom jobs are when you stick your nose in random places. Is that puke? Did you just poop? There’s only one way to tell. Noses up!

3. Mom jobs…

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