Thoughts of A Thinker

I hear this all the time. Stop dwelling on the past and don’t worry about the future. Those things will take care of itself. Or your main focus should be on the NOW because its less stressful. Is it. Why is it we should focus on the now when we are living in the moment. Why put the past behind us when it shapes the people we become. And why not worry about our future when our lives depend on what will happen tomorrow (which is the future). There isn’t a human being that hasn’t suffered mentally, physically or emotionally in their lifetime and even though we know that worrying about things that sometimes we have no control over affects our well-being we worry anyway. Does worrying make us bad people? Absolutely not. I think it shapes our character and it shows others as well as ourselves that we care about something and that we have a beating heart. The truth is I actually worry more when I try not to focus on the past and the future so either way I’m screwed. The point I’m trying to make is your thoughts are exactly that. YOURS. And we shouldn’t give them up. Stress comes from dwelling on the negative when in fact we have a lot of positive things in our past and the future. So keep your thoughts, all of them. Good or bad. They’re your thoughts and you should use them as you please.


Easy Button

Everyone on this Earth has problems. We deal with a lot of issues as adults on a daily basis and its easy to get lost in your work, your children, making sure everything is running accordingly at home, etc. Sometimes we need the help to get the shopping done, or getting the kids up for school because I do. What I’
m trying to say is just like its easier to allow things to get out of control, its also easier to find balance and make sure our daily schedules run smoothly. Easy is good but who wants something that they don’t have to work hard at doing or work hard at perfecting. I feel like thats so much more rewarding and of course that is my opinion but I’m pretty sure that I am not the only person that believes that. Yes, we all need the easy road every once in awhile but unfortunately its hard to not be in the same space as other people that feel like everything should be handed to them and in some situations maybe so. But is that the message we want to send our children and the people in our community. I’m not a hypocrite because easy buttons are needed but we should stop and think is the easy road the way all of the time. Moderation is always good. So I’m going to spread it out.